What the CPCC Means to Leadership

Posted on January 7, 2022

8 years ago I had an amazingly privileged decision to make, to do an executive MBA in leadership or a certified professional leadership coaching designation CPCC specified on leading with courage as a purpose driven leader. I chose the latter.

My CPCC cost the same as an MBA, it took the same amount of training/study hours, but held more specific training on how to develop leaders and leadership programs on psychological safety, purpose, mission, values and courage. Years later lots of ???, one failed exam and 100’s of hours coaching leaders, I’ve made it through.

Doing my CPCC has not only provided me with training to transform lives and create courageous, powerful leaders but it is also helped me personally identify and attempt to leave behind anything that does not serve my purpose, mission, vision and values.

I have met many incredible humans, professionals and executives over the past number of years, some of them whom I chose to not work with because my purpose and values were different than theirs, NOT better than theirs, but simply different.

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Now for the last half of my career I am empowered as a Certified Professional Co-active leadership coach, a Positive Intelligence coach about to be certified, a Certified Coach and Trainer in Psychological Safety and a Certified Professional in Human Resources for both Canada and the United States and now training in ORSC training in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching! 

I am forever grateful to CTI (Now called C0-Active) for pushing me harder when they knew I could be a powerhouse coach and not allowing me settle into mediocrity. The sky is my new limit! ? 

Training for my CPCC has changed my life and the lives of my family and many of my clients.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to learn more!

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