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Leadership is a muscle. It must be honed continuously, or it will atrophy.

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Resolute has certified coaches that understand the mental fitness and positive intelligence required to richly lead and retain the best talent.

Leader development and coaching is required for every business. With well designed human resources practices, the easy part is finding good people. The difficult part is keeping them. Leadership is the ingredient that keeps teams together.

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Our Co-Active™ trained Edmonton coaches develop leadership as “a transformational employee-development tool, designed to foster collaborative relationships and unlock the potential of employees at every level” by creating developed leaders.



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Edmonton Leader Development and Coaching

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Creating Courageous & Collaborative Leaders

Our goal is to create leaders who embody all of these characteristics:

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What is Leadership?

• Inspire & create accountability

Continually engage with others in ways that inspire new insights, foster awareness and learning, and create accountability.

• Harness the possibility of many

Harness the possibility of many rather than relying on the power of one, nourishing the brilliance of others.

• Foster collaboration & creative solutions

Foster a level of collaboration to produce creative solutions that otherwise would never have been possible.

• Know how to see people

Realize that people want to be seen, heard, and valued more than being corrected and judged.

• Surface conflict

Surface conflict, so that disagreements can be aired in a way that creates transparency rather than resentment.

• Respond

Are able to be flexible and fluid, switching between leadership styles depending on circumstances and context.

• Are courageous

Access imagination, intuition, and insight to act in ways that are innovative and new.

• Have a stake

Take a stand for purpose and vision.