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Resolute’s certified Edmonton coaches understand the mental fitness and positive intelligence required to richly lead and retain the best talent.

Leader development and coaching is required for every business. With well designed human resources practises, the easy part is finding good people. The difficult part is keeping them. Leadership is the ingredient that keeps teams together.

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Strategic Human Resources

Use Strategic Human Resources to link your business directly to your people. Without an action plan, your team will not be aligned to launch. You need a strategy for your people.

Leadership Consultation

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Human resources development cannot happen without planning. Develop all of the goals you have for your team. Talk to our Edmonton Consultants to get a plan.

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Quickly and effectively create an action plan for your business. Our team will determine what areas you may need support in.

Teams and companies of any description that report high levels of psychological safety are currently thriving.

When psychological safety is low, fear triggers the self-censoring instinct in people that diverts productive energy into negative behaviours, devoid of interaction and trust. When psychological safety is high, people engage in a meaningful way with others and contribute immense value to teams and projects.

Resolute can help your Edmonton business understand areas where diversity and inclusion needs to be improved upon and how you can work towards a psychologically safe workplace. Using the The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ and assessment we will help your team achieve a psychologically safe, diverse and inclusive culture.


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